Over 50 Canning Recipes All In One Spot

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Here is a great resource . . . here are over 50 canning recipes all in one spot. If you have ever wondered what sorts of things can be canned or what is the best way to proceed to can the foods you love, this site can help you out.

Canning is not a complicated process, but it does require some understanding of what is going on. When you can a product you are cooking it to a temperature that destroys possible bacterium that can spoil the food and possibly make you ill if you eat the food. So it is important that all your canning equipment be clean and sterile, that water is brought to the right temperature, and that steps are followed.

For some foods with low acidity, pressure canning is required. One example is asparagus. This is a fabulous food to process, but you need a pressure canner to be sure it is properly processed. This website can explain how to use the canner and what pressure different foods need to be canned at, to ensure they are safe for eating.

The site has more than 50 foods with specific directions as well as comments on canning processes. It is a great resource just to keep bookmarked for when you begin canning, usually in the late summer. One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to process tons of any one product to make the effort of canning worthwhile. Historically, our parents and grandparents had little choice but to can when foods were ripe. Today, however, with ripe and delicious food ready for us almost year round at the grocery store, you can take advantage of sale prices, best availability or other things in order to can when it is convenient to you.

So if you would like to can some fruit or vegetable that you have had your eye on, or that is ripening in your garden now, check out this website.

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