Over The Top Loaded Potato Nachos

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These are Over The Top Loaded Potato Nachos, but you can make them as rich or lean as you want, depending on what you add on to them. Perhaps the best thing about this recipe is how it shows you to make potatoes in the oven that come out crisp and delicious. You may find that this step is where you stop. These potatoes will be crispy and delicious at this stage. So make plenty, and be prepared to snack as you continue with this recipe.

This recipe is great because it starts with a homemade recipe for making flavorful potatoes that you then load “over the top” if you want to, with a whole variety of cheeses, toppings, veggies, meats, and pretty much anything else that you might want. Or, keep it really simple and just eat the potatoes. Potatoes are low in calories, have almost no sodium, fats or cholesterol, and are loaded with a wide range of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are great for you. You can even keep the skins on for this recipe and get a great serving of fiber with this dish.

This recipe is so easy that anyone—or maybe everyone—in the family can help make it. One person can prepare the potatoes, another person can make the cheese sauce, and others can chop and dice whatever other ingredients you might like to add in. One terrific combination could include chopped lettuce, tomatoes, green onions and refried beans. If you are feeling ambitious, even bake a head of garlic and mash the cloves in to the refried beans before putting them on the potatoes. Garlic adds tremendous food value to your meal. Try this fun and filling dish soon when the family is gathered around and you all want a snack.

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