Overnight Apple Pie French Toast Casserole

Photo Credit: Crazy for Crust

This Overnight Apple Pie French Toast recipe caught our attention just because it said 'overnight'. What exactly did this mean? My first thought was maybe a crockpot dessert but NO, it isn't that at all.

Thanks to blogger, wife, mother, and home chef, "Dorothy", creator of "Crazy For Crust", who is responsible for this tasty recipe. Now is the time for us to find out a little more about the recipe. The French toast part of it comes from the fact that the bottom layer in fact is prepared with eggs and milk just like french toast, and you soak you day old or stale-ish bread overnight. The next morning is when you add the apple pie filling and the crumble top. Bake this dessert, bright and early in the morning and just watch what happens. You can be sure you won't need to be dragging anybody out of bed or yelling at them to come eat their breakfast, because the aroma wafting out of the kitchen is going to do that for you. This would be such a nice breakfast to make if you had some relatives or friends over for the weekend and this was the breakfast everyone woke up to. A fresh cup of coffee and Apple Pie French Toast, delicious. For any of you out there that have a B&B operation, this would be a good recipe to add to your list of food your prepare for you guests.

Dorothy uses apple pie filling in this recipe and does also leave a note that if you want to prepare your own pie filling from fresh apples that is simple enough to do as well. There are so many great recipes on the website Crazy For Crust, and we will re-direct you there now if you please just click on the link below.

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