Overnight Cinnamon Rolls

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Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love cinnamon rolls? Probably not and if that is true then you have come to the right place since Leigh Anne will help you to add to your fun desserts list and will allow you to have the nutritional value of cinnamon added to your special dessert. This is a great addition to our fancy but easy desserts list and with the addition of cinnamon you will be adding a great spice with many wonderful needed additions to help boost your health level.

The nutritional value of cinnamon is found in the many different ways. It can help boost your digestion and is also great for your blood and will add protein and energy to help give you the get up and go.

Cinnamon rolls are a fancy but easy desserts idea and are definitely a great way to add to your fun desserts list. Recipes for cinnamon inspired desserts have been around since cinnamon was first discovered in the lining of the bark of many different trees. It has been part of our culinary list since the days of the Pharaohs of Egypt.The first known cinnamon is believed to have been around since 2000 BC and it was a great spice that has made its way around the world since then. The spice trade was an important part of the history of man and cinnamon was one of the most influential parts of it. Since it is now found in many places and has become such an integral part our early history then spices like cinnamon were able to take seed in many new places. It is also believed to have originally been imported to Egypt from China and other parts of Asia. It is mainly believed to be from countries in Africa, Asian and the Middle East. The Greeks, Persians, Chinese and other East Asian countries have grown the trees that cinnamon comes from. Explorers had then brought this spice to the rest of the world and we now can find it in almost every pantry from one part of the world right around to the next.

Cinnamon rolls and buns have always been a loved and cherished dessert and the fact that there are so many recipes like this one from Leigh Anne are a testament to the popularity this sticky gooey and delicious dessert has. There is a specific bakery that only makes them and the name is basically a mix of the spice and a word that means good in French. Leigh Anne asks for the dough to be left in the fridge overnight and this will have you doing a two day preparation and cooking time but the end product if worthy of the 2 day time frame.The next time you want to make cinnamon rolls for that special diner or that family gathering give this recipe try. Thanks to Leigh Anne of Your Homebased Mom Blog for this yummy Overnight Cinnamon Rolls Recipe and bon apetit.**

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