Paleo Coconut Cream Pie

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Paleo diets have become all the rage for those wanting to be healthier and eat more natural foods and this paleo coconut cream pie recipe gives you the benefit of the rich, creaminess of coconut pie without you having to resort to the preservative loaded store versions. In paleo diets, wheat, dairy, and refined sugars are avoided, which means this coconut pie recipe is also gluten and dairy free. Having a dessert recipe in your back pocket that is accessible to everyone is so handy, especially if you entertain a lot and have several family and friends who have restrictive diets. This coconut pie recipe is also prepared in a square baking pan, which makes it easier to slice uniform pieces. When purchasing bakeware, always buy thicker baking pans, because they will bake more evenly than thin ones. If you use a thinner quality baking pan, you will run the risk of burning your pie crust on the bottom. This coconut pie recipe could easily be transferred to a nine-inch round pie plate, however, if you prefer a more traditional appearance.

The best pie recipes are ones that fulfill your craving for a sweet dessert without making you feel sick, and this paleo coconut pie recipe fits the bill perfectly. The paleo pie crust recipe is different from a traditional pie crust because it doesn’t use any white flour or butter. Rather, this pastry dough recipe uses a combination of almond flour in place of the all-purpose and substitutes honey for the sugar, and coconut oil for the butter. If you have a challenging time finding almond flour in the store, all it is is ground whole almonds. Almond flour gets used in many cookie recipes, including macaron, but is also steadily being used in cake recipes and loaves as well. The flour isn’t flavourless like all-purpose flour, however, but the nutty taste is complimentary to the coconut in the cream layer.

Where fruit pie recipes are concerned, the fillings sometimes become too wet and cause the crusts to remain raw on the bottom, even after being baked. In the case of this comfort dessert, the crust is pre-baked before the coconut custard recipe is even added to it. Plus, Adriana, the author of this pie recipe, adds a chocolate barrier between the crust and cream filling, that is allowed to harden in the refrigerator before the cream is added. In this way, you can safely hold the coconut pie in the fridge without the worry of making the crust soggy.

If you are into baking healthy snacks, this coconut cream pie recipe is a healthier version of traditional coconut cream desserts. One of the most notable this pie recipe succeeds is by using coconut milk for the whipped cream topping rather than actual whipping cream. It may be comparable to the calories in heavy cream, but the natural sweetness of the coconut means you won’t have to add any extra sugar. Thank you, to Adriana, the author of ‘Living Healthy With Chocolate’ recipe blog, for her exceptionally indulgent and healthy paleo coconut cream pie recipe.**

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