Pan Seared Salmon with Mediterranean Salsa Fresca

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Any easy meal-in-one recipe is all you need for a tasty sit-down dinner with your family throughout the week and this pan seared salmon with Mediterranean Salsa Fresca recipe is a perfect choice. This salmon recipe is really three recipes to suit each component of the main meal; Ingrid’s toasted couscous recipe, her fresh salsa recipe, and her seared salmon. Even though this sounds like a lot, though, don’t worry, because each component is very simple to prepare on its own. The salsa recipe is simply a toss of gorgeous, colourful fresh ingredients while couscous is a tiny North African pasta that re-hydrates with boiling water in under ten minutes. By having three simple recipes to complete your supper, you should be able to have this tasty salmon and salsa recipe on the dinner table in thirty minutes or less.

Salmon dinner menu ideas are necessary for the busy home cook because salmon cooks very quickly and can be prepared to any doneness from medium rare to well done. Ways to cook salmon can vary widely, though. Since salmon is such a meaty fish, the fillets hold together very well on the barbecue, making it ideal for a summertime meal alongside grilled veggies and baked potatoes. Alternatively, it can be broiled in the oven and flaked into salads or pasta recipes. This salmon recipe involves pan searing salmon for a golden crusty finish. You can likely use any frying pan for this task, but the best kind for frying is cast iron because it holds a high even heat.

Tasty salmon ways to prepare salmon are a must for those who don’t enjoy eating fish or are more partial to white fish varieties instead. This easy salmon recipe gets marinated in a variety of spices, like cumin, coriander, and cayenne, which takes these fillets over the top and will make anyone a lover of salmon. The high fat content of salmon is what makes salmon ideal for marinating and take on other flavours so well. The marinade will also remove the fishy taste if your kids don’t enjoy salmon and other fish recipes. Wild salmon of Pacific salmon, as it is sometimes referred to, is the ideal choice for any salmon dinner recipe rather than farmed or Atlantic salmon, because it is less toxic and more nutritious than farmed varieties. You can also rest assured that the wild salmon’s pink colour is due to its natural diet in the ocean and not synthetic colorants included in a farmed salmon’s diet.

The Mediterranean salsa recipe involved with this salmon will blow you away because it is a refreshing combination of cherry tomatoes, crisp cucumber, briny olives, and fresh herbs and lemon. This salsa is beautiful as a colourful garnish to the salmon but is chunky enough for a vegetable side dish with your meal. The couscous recipe is another excellent side dish because it cooks almost instantly making it a perfect pantry staple for busy weeknights. Thank you, Ingrid, the author of ‘The Cozy Apron’, for sharing her pan seared salmon with Mediterranean Salsa Fresca recipe.**

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