Pancake Muffins With Sausage

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Kids will really go for this little breakfast number of Pancake Muffins With Sausage. The idea is pretty smart. The sausage is added right inside the muffin for maximum flavor impact and convenience. The kids can just grab and go, and so can you. What a great way to get breakfast in the morning. This is also an entirely homemade recipe that includes eggs and milk so these Pancake Muffins With Sausage provide plenty of protein, calcium and magnesium as well as lots of other nutrients. This recipe is much better than anything you could pick up at a fast food restaurant in the morning.

This made by hand recipe is also so simple to make. The website has plenty of photos to illustrate each step as you go through, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. Even a new cook will have no trouble getting a successful outcome with these instructions. And you can make them to grab and go or, on days when the family can sit down for breakfast, you can serve them fresh and warm from the oven and drizzled with maple syrup as suggested.

Kids love things that are stuffed inside other things like these sausage stuffed muffins. So they are a great idea to get kids to eat something in the morning and also at other times of the day. These muffins will make a great breakfast food, snack food, or even lunch. Serve it then with a big salad. They will provide plenty of nutrition and energy for kids on the go, and parents, too. Make plenty of these Pancake Muffins With Sausage and freeze some for a quick meal when time is short, and you want to be sure everyone eats something. Check out the recipe and book mark it today!

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