Paneras Broccoli Cheese Soup

Photo Credit: The Girl Who Ate Everything

Okay, so this is not really Panera's Broccoli Cheese Soup; that is, it is not the soup that comes from the Panera shop. But our web site blogger and recipe creator, The Girl Who Ate Everything, has made a fabulous soup that tastes just like the one you could purchase at Panera (if you are near this bread shop that has become so very popular in the United States in the past few years). In any event, this soup is fantastic, but it is also very high in fat. Keep that in mind when you serve it up, and for those watching either their cholesterol in take or their weight, serve up a smaller bowl. That should help. And add a great mixed greens salad next to this wonderfully cheesy dish, and that will also help fill people up so smaller bowls of this luscious soup will still be satisfying. Add some fresh bread (may be you could buy that from Panera!) and now you have a complete and filling lunch that is well balanced with greens and protein!

This is a fairly easy dish to make, although you always need to exercise caution when you are cooking with cream or, in this case, half and half cream. The fat can quickly curdle if you allow the milk to boil. It rarely ruins the recipe, but the soup will not have that attractive, rich and thick looking appearance that makes every one so want to gobble up cream based soups (or course, may be that would be a good plan if you want to limit appetites!). In any event, this dish also adds some nice contrasting and complementary flavors such as carrots and broccoli. Both are terrific veggies, too.

Broccoli is a member of the cabbage family and is filled with lots of vitamins and minerals. As well, research says that kids like broccoli more than any other vegetable, so add plenty to this recipe. Carrots are also another veggie that most people enjoy, and for texture, color and flavor, they are grated in to this dish. A touch of nutmeg delivers some earthy and aromatic value to this dish that will have people wondering what exactly you have added to make this soup just so wonderful. But you do not have to tell them. It can be your secret! Enjoy this soup soon. Your family sure will.

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