Parmesan Chicken Cutlets

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This chicken breast recipe is easy to make and uses simple ingredients that you probably already have. It’s a simple recipe that’s quick to prepare and just delicious. The Parmesan cheese and the other seasonings in this easy chicken breast recipe are added to the bread crumbs to add great flavor that makes this more than just your typical breaded chicken breast recipe. You will want to take a look at the step by step instructions for this healthy chicken breast recipe idea.

The trick to making this chicken breast recipe is to pound the chicken breasts to about a 1/4-inch thickness before coating and frying. A little squirt of fresh lemon juice is also squeezed over the chicken cutlets just before serving. The lemon juice adds some fresh flavor. To get the chicken breasts to an even thickness, you can even use a jar filled with something to pound the chicken. Then lightly salt and pepper both sides of the chicken breasts. Then heat a frying pan over medium-high heat, and add a drizzle of olive oil to the pan. Then saute one side of the chicken breast until it is golden brown about one minute. Then turn over the chicken breasts and reduce the heat to low, cover the saute pan and set the timer for ten minutes, making sure not to take the lid of the pan. Then turn off the heat and let the chicken breast sit for another ten minutes with the lid on the pan. After waiting the ten minutes your chicken breast will be cooked to perfection, and you can slice them to use in stir fry's, this twice baked chicken fajita recipe or salads. This tip for cooking chicken breasts is one that you will be sure to use again and again.

In this easy chicken breast recipe, it's the Parmesan cheese that gives amazing added flavor. The real, original name is not Parmesan but rather Parmigiano Reggiano, which indicates the trademarked region that the cheese comes from. Parmigiano is the region of Parma and Regiano which is the region of Regio. The markings on the Parmesan cheese rind tell you where the cheese was produced, the date of production and the trademark region. Parmesan is not just cheese it is a long standing tradition in Italy. The first recordings of Parmesan cheeses existence are about 800 years old when from Benedictine monks made the cheese. The cheese is still pretty much made the same way and in some cases even by the same families that have been making the tasty cheese for generations. The older the Parmesan cheese, the stronger and more complex the cheese tastes. To store your Parmesan keep it slightly cool and wrapped in waxed paper.

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