Parmesan Panko Baked Zucchini with Marinara

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Make these Parmesan panko baked zucchini with marinara tonight with a side of greens and they will be a great dinner your family will love. Or, make them as an after-dinner snack when the family gathers in front of the television for their evening movie or television show. They are also perfect for lunch with a bright tossed salad, or by themselves or as a snack for you on a late afternoon.

Zucchini is a so-called summer squash. It can grow to become as much as 36 inches long, but usually it gets harvested before it reaches that gargantuan size. Even so, zucchini is the best thing a new gardener can plant in order to feel great satisfaction with a successful product. Zucchini grows better and faster than almost anything in your garden, including peas or beans (which are other good new gardener growing choices).

Zucchini like most vegetables is rich in healthy components. Zucchini has anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties both of which contribute to good health. These are concentrated in the skin of this vegetable so buy organic and leave the skin on when you make it. This vegetable is also loaded with vitamins and minerals, so be sure to eat your zucchini.

The starchy nature of zucchini is what gives it a good firm flesh and also allows it to stay firm when it is cooked. So this vegetable will remain firm and give a good bite once it is ready to eat.

Marinara sauce is distinguished from other red sauces because of how quickly it is intended to come together. Marinara is made with garlic, and perhaps basil or oregano along with salt and pepper. It is also left chunky and not cooked very long. This is perhaps the easiest of all red sauces to make.

Zucchini baked this way to a light crunch serves up well with the complement of marinara sauce. Why not try it tonight and see how your family enjoys it?

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