Parmesan Potato Halves

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There are so many potatoes recipes that if you try to make them all you will probably get tired of potatoes by the end of your search. There are just that many dishes and ways to cook the common spud. This is one of many types of potato dishes and it can also be one of many great kid meal ideas. Erica will introduce you to kid meal ideas friendly one that is a breeze to make and will have your diners, little ones included, yelling for more. Types of potato dishes vary from baked, steamed and even fried and the chance to blend them into other recipes will also help the tater to find homes in so many great recipe ideas. If you consider the amount of potatoes recipes that you already know then any new recipe will make the potato a more integral part of your meals. The starch they provide to our diets is one of the tastiest ways to get it into our system. If you plan on making kid meal ideas then always remember even if they are not truly satisfied with the outcome there is always ketchup to save the day since it and potatoes go hand in hand.

Potatoes are probably the most used side dish from North America to every continent on this lovely planet. They are the fourth largest crop in the world and you better believe their flexibility in our numerous dishes make them almost indispensible. The common spud can be traced back to Chile and from there just about all the varieties we have today can trace their lineage to those original ones from that south American country. With so many places around the world now growing them it isn’t hard to imagine that whoever first brought them out of Chile should be thanked by us and all the recipes they now grace.

They have become a staple food in many different cultures across the world and have been added to recipes too numerous to list and will continue to please in many new and exciting recipes including this offering from Erica. With all those many different types of tater to choose from we are fortunate to be able to use any of them for numerous different recipes. Luckily Erica has made it easy for you since she does not pigeon hole you to any specific variety of potato and the cooking time for the different varieties only changes very little from one to the other.

If you are considering making baked potatoes the usual and most called for way then take a second and consider Erica’s recipe for them and you will be pleasantly surprised. The added touch of incorporating parmesan cheese into the fray will add a salty cheesy touch to the potatoes and if you would like you can actually substitute any cheese as the topping the only other thing you have to do is ring the dinner bell and get the diners fed. Thanks to Erica of Family Favorite Recipes Blog for this yummy Parmesan Potato Halves recipe. Bon apetit.**

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