Parmesan Ranch Baked Chicken

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Chicken breast recipes like this one from Kristin are excellent since baked chicken breast is probably the best and healthiest way to cook chicken breast. This is definitely a candidate for your easy chicken breast recipes folder. The ingredients are most usually found in your pantry and fridge and you can get it all done in less than an hour. Kristin brings chicken breast and Parmesan cheese together and gets your baked chicken breast cooked lovingly and tasty. Chicken breast recipes are a great way to get protein into your system while keeping fat counts low since chicken breast meat is one of the leanest meats out there. Yes easy chicken breast recipes are always a welcome addition to your cooking recipes and this one is one that can be changed around if you are not a fan of any ingredient you find in it. If you are not a Parmesan fan since it is a little salty then try a cheese you prefer.

The crackers are also an ingredient that you might want to substitute. You can always go with any nut offering you prefer since nuts are a great source of protein and also a great way to add a crunchy texture to the recipe. As with all recipes you are always the person who decides what the final ingredients are. You can also change the cooking process and take the chicken from the oven to your barbeque. Never feel tied to any recipe since they are your guide and with all things the route you take is your choice.Anytime you consider using chicken breast in any recipe always try to buy free range and if possible corn fed. Chickens need to roam and scratch and peck and these behaviors promote health in the chicken and make the meat much tastier. Corn fed chickens are also a better way to go since it will make the meat tastier and the chicken will plump up great and will be more natural tasting. These days many chicken farms keep the chickens in large coops and they are not able to roam around and many are fed a diet that includes hormones that will get the chicken bigger faster and this is definitely not a good thing. You might not always be able to buy chickens that are corn fed and free range but always try to if possible.

When you are cleaning your chicken always make sure you clean off all your cutting boards, knives, countertops and especially your hands. Raw chicken carries many bacteria that can easily cross contaminate other foods. Try to have a great sanitizer as part of your kitchen cleaners and if you don’t have any then white vinegar diluted with water will also work at killing unwanted bacteria.Thanks to Kristin of Yellow Bliss Road Blog for this yummy Parmesan Baked Chicken Recipe that gives chicken breasts another tasty way to keep your diners smiling. This recipe is a great meal that you can share with all your chicken loving family and friends and bon apetit.**

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