Pasta Bake

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If you’re big on pasta and casseroles, then you’ll really enjoy this recipe for Pasta Bake, which combines the two – it’s quick, easy, and truly the best of both worlds!

There are just so many good things about this recipe! It only takes a few minutes to brown the meat, throw all of the ingredients together, and pour the mix into a casserole dish. And don’t forget to load it up with a ton of luscious cheese! When you put it in the oven to bake, that cheese is gonna go all au gratin on you and bring all of the lovely flavours together under one delicious roof! Another bonus of this Baked Pasta recipe is that you will never bake the same dish twice! Sharon Jackson, the wonderful chef who originally shared this recipe, recommends that you add different spices and key ingredients each time – that’s what she does! And this way, you’ll never get tired of it. It will always be different, and it will always be good. Sharon also suggests experimenting with chili peppers, garlic powder, dried parsley, Italian seasoning, chopped zucchini, or whatever you happen to have in your fridge when you’re baking it! It’s a great way to use up leftovers, clean out your refrigerator, and what’s more - you’ll never be at a loss for ingredients. After trying this recipe a few times ourselves, we’d like to propose sautéing mushrooms along with the ground beef, onions, and garlic – maybe even some celery too. You could also add chopped spinach, kale, or basil strips for an even healthier bake! And, if you love cheese, you could try using more than one kind for this recipe. How about grated parmesan or cheddar in addition to mozzarella? And how about mixing it all the way through rather than just on top?!

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