Pasta with Shrimp

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This Pasta Pomodoro with Shrimp recipe is a fabulous dish. It is made with fresh tomatoes, and that ingredient makes all the difference in the flavor. Often, the tomatoes in tomato dishes are from cans or included as a sauce or paste. In this recipe, though, fresh tomatoes are called for. Do not just go to the grocery store and buy what is there. Those tomatoes rarely have the kind of flavor that will show case this dish the way it deserves. Make this dish in the height of summer when you can get tomatoes right from the field, preferably still warm from the sun. So get your tomatoes as fresh as possible.

When you cook with really fresh tomatoes in a recipe such as this one, you can bet that the flavor will really pop. Do not over cook anything, but be sure all the ingredients are just prepared to perfection. This recipe has you blanching the tomatoes and peeling them before cooking with them. That is because the peel often falls from fresh tomatoes and does not result in a good bite in the mouth. This step is optional if you are happy to remove any skins that drop from the tomatoes as they are cooked with the shrimp. This is also a dish where a good quality olive oil is important, not only for its fabulous nutritional contribution, but its singular flavor. Be generous with the oil if it is good quality. Of course that means fresh shrimp is also the seafood of choice over any thing frozen.

This is a fantastic dish, especially so, if you make it with all fresh ingredients. Of course, since it is a dish from Southern Italy, where all of these ingredients are easy to obtain fresh, it might be easier to make there than in the heart of North America. Hummm . . . Dinner in Italy, any one?

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