Patty Melt Sandwich with Caramelized Onions

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These sandwiches will have your kids and family racing to take their places at the table when you make this Patty Melt Sandwich with Caramelized Onions. This sandwich combines the great taste of meat, cheese, and sweet caramelized onions to achieve flavor beyond your wildest imagining. They are a fabulous blend of ingredients that make this sandwich sweet and savory and just plain good.

Use great bread when you put these sandwiches together. Since you are putting so much extra effort in to making the caramelized onions, you might as well also use a better bread with that extra preparation time. Caramelized onions just get better and more sweet the longer you cook them to bring out their sweet flavor. Some recipes even bring the onions almost back to a crisp point when the sugars fully caramelize. Whether you caramelize these onions just a little or a lot, they will add a huge flavor bump to any thing you serve them with. They are fantastic with a sandwich, but also make a great accompaniment to rice, chicken, almost any meat and plenty of other dishes where you want a sweet and rich taste. So don’t forget about these onions when you make other dishes for your family.

This is such a great sandwich because of the onions and their special method of preparing them. The onions will give a huge flavor punch to these sandwiches—and anywhere else you serve them. Serve these sandwiches with a good soup in the winter to really fill tummies. They are smoky, a little bit hot (you choose how much) with lots of savory and sweet flavors from meat, cheese and these onions to add flavor. You and your family will really enjoy these sandwiches so try them soon. Enjoy.

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