Peach Bundt Cake with Almond Glaze

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One of the best things about the summer season is eating desserts with real fruit in them. This Peach Bundt Cake with Almond Glaze recipe is going to be a special treat for everyone in the family. It’s so beautifully put together and tastes just about right with the combination of juicy peaches caramelized until golden brown and drowned in cinnamon and sweet almond glaze. This cake recipe is a classic pound cake meaning the very texture of the cake is quite dense since it uses butter, but it is still moist. The cake recipes that use oil tend to be more on the spongy side. Bundt cake takes its roots way back in the 1900s in Europe. In the northern Germany, Bundt cakes were traditionally called as Bundkuchen. Bund for community and Kuchen for cake, a name formed by joining the two words. Today, in memory of its origin, November 15 is dedicated as the National Bundt cake day.

It is no surprise that if we don’t use the correct ingredients, even the best cake recipes can be a big fail. The secret to making a good pound cake is to follow some important yet simple steps during the preparation. You’ll know a good homemade pound cake has come out perfect when it has a tender crumb to it and tastes moist. The key to this is using the creaming method wherein the sugar and butter are combined and beaten until the sugar is completely dissolved in the butter. Before adding the eggs, always separate the whites and yolks and only combine the yolks first. Once the cake batter is mixed with the remaining ingredients, beat the egg whites till frothy and gently fold into the batter right before you transfer the cake mixture into the oven. This will result in a light cake with a crumbly texture like that of a typical pound cake. Resist the urge to over whisk the eggs or the cake batter. Over whisking the cake batter can deflate the air bubbles in the batter which can make it hard for the cakes rise and come out hard and dry. Pound cakes also yield a wonderful flavor when you add a good quality organic vanilla extract. You can also add the real vanilla bean or the vanilla bean paste which you can easily find at a baking store.

You can make this cake ahead of time and freeze it for using it later. Just thaw it on the day you want to eat it and serve it with freshly made glaze. For those days when peaches are not in season, you can use canned or even frozen peaches. Another fantastic idea of using this recipe is to make peach cupcakes especially for a birthday or any special occasion. Peach cupcakes not only sound like a unique idea but also make a beautiful presentation as well. You can also chop up and add toasted nuts like pecans or walnuts or try adding colourful sprinkles on top of the glaze to make it look gorgeous and festive. Either way, this peach cake recipe will be the show-stopper.

Thank you to Mary at the ‘Barefeet In The Kitchen’ food blog for sharing this irresistible Peach Bundt Cake with Almond Glaze recipe with us. Mary shares her love for baking through her blog where you can find many fun and easy baking recipes and some of the best cake recipes that are out there. This Peach Cake recipe is luscious and tastes so good you won't stop raving about it. Make this recipe for friends and family today!

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