Peach Dumplings

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These peach dumplings are a surprising little dish that you can make quickly when you want something a bit different for dinner. These dumplings can probably be served as part of a dinner course, or for dessert. That possibility reflects, in part, the versatility of peaches. Peaches work with both savory and sweet dishes equally well. And this recipe combines the peaches in to a possible savory crust that would be great for dinner instead of rice or potatoes. You can decide when you read the recipe whether you want to serve this as an afternoon snack, for dinner as part of a meal of meatloaf and yellow beans, or afterwards, perhaps with ice cream or whipped cream, for dessert.

The wonderful thing about peaches is their versatility. They are like apples in the way they can be used for so many different cooking needs. Peaches are wonderful fresh and just plucked from the tree or stewed, preserved, baked, broiled and prepared in many other ways you can think of. This dish is also simple enough that new bakers and cooks can try it with great hope of turning out a smash hit dish for the family. It allows you to try working with fresh fruit and dough, which is just another thing to learn in the world of culinary skills. Try this dish when you are making a roast of lamb, beef or chicken. Consider serving the dumplings as part of the dinner, and see what people think. Of course, the surprise ingredient is enough to get people chatting, but serving it for dinner may make heads spin. Head over to the website and see the great photos and easy to follow instructions, then try this dish out soon. You will be glad you did.

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