Peach Pie Biscuit Bombs

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Peach pie biscuit bombs are a hilarious name for a really easy and delicious dessert that blends a wonderful combination of fruit and cheese. Fruit and cheese are longstanding friends in the field of culinary delights. Whether you serve them on a platter side by side, stuff them in to a tenderloin and bake them, or as here, put them in to a slightly sweeter dish, fruit and cheese are a perfect team. Here peaches are combined with brie cheese and stuffed into a commercial biscuit mix. Any mix will do, although one is recommended at the Sugar Dish Me website for this recipe.

These biscuits blend one of the best cheeses around, brie. Brie is a very soft cheese that can be a double or triple cream blend. Brie cheese originates in France and is made from cow’s milk, either full or partial fat (choose full fat and forget about the calories). The cheese goes through several stages, but its flavor is determined by the final aging process, which lasts about four or five weeks. It can be aged longer, and the cheese becomes increasingly runny when you cut open the rind to the middle. This cheese can actually be aged until it is quite dark. That level of ripening is quite popular in its native country of France, where it is eaten at breakfast. Brie is a readily available cheese at almost every grocery store. Look for a high quality cheese that makes this cheese with cow’s milk and uses full fat, especially if this is your first time trying this particular kind of cheese.

The brie will soften, melt and surround the peach when it cooks. The outer biscuit will provide a beautiful sandwich like shell for the ingredients and contribute its own flavor and texture to this biscuit. Try it soon. You will eat it often.

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