Peach Pie With Maple Whipped Cream

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Peach Pie with Maple Whipped Cream is just one bit of decadence on top of another. Try not to eat either the peach pie or the maple whipped cream entirely before you manage to complete both and put them together for dinner. This dish shows a fabulous way to assemble the pie crust, too. It calls for a bottom and top crust (so rare to find in recipes these days) and the top crust is brilliant. Even if you do not plan to make a pie today, check it out and book mark it for a later baking day.

Peaches cook wonderfully well, and only fresh peaches should be used for best results when you bake. But on and taste it to make sure they are ripe and the texture has not gone mealy, a real problem with this fruit. When fresh and fully ripe, though, there is little that can beat peach pie. If you think that a top and bottom crust is too much, think again. Peaches are a strong and flavorful fruit with plenty of juice and that means they can handle lots of crust around them. So do be sure to make the top and bottom.

This dish finishes with maple whipped cream, but adds only a small amount. If you go this route, boil down the maple syrup—by 50 percent if you can—to concentrate the flavor. Add as much maple syrup as you can to really get that taste in the fruit. If you can find it, and if you can afford it, substitute real maple sugar in the pie, too. This will send this already fabulous pie recipe out of the ball park. Whether or not you make this great recipe today, keep tabs on it. When the day comes that you do make it, you’ll be glad it was book marked.

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