Peaches and Cream Layered Jello

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What is it about jello that everyone loves it no matter what age they reach? It is always fresh, cool and delicious, and that is also just what you will discover in this recipe for Peaches and Cream Layered Jello. This dessert is a step up from plain jello, but still does not take much time to pull together and offers something a little bit special for everyone to enjoy.

The recipe uses a video to help you walk through each of the steps of the process. As much as the video helps you to construct the jello layers well, it also illustrates the concept of mise en place. This concept means to put everything out so that you know you have all the ingredients you are going to use to make something and to ensure that things are added in the correct order and nothing gets left out. The video also illustrates how to pour layers on top of each other without the layer that you are pouring piercing through and ruining the layer below it. This is an easy thing to learn and use wherever you want to be sure that layers remain distinct from each other and is especially important to know if you have slightly soft layers, or where the layers are actually still liquid and it is the density of the mix that keeps them separate.

This jello recipe brings together the delicious and classic flavor of peaches and cream. The video uses jarred peaches, which is great. In season, fresh peaches will work, and if you cannot find jarred peaches, buy canned with light syrup, and drain them well. This is a wonderful summer time recipe that is pretty to serve and that everyone will enjoy. Check it out soon.

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