Peachy Peach Crisp

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Here is another too good to be true dessert recipe from The Southern Lady Cooks. Nothing says summer quite like lush and juicy peaches, and when they are cooked, they become sweetness incarnate. Try this peachy peach crisp when peaches are in season and you have allowed them to fully ripen. Serve with ice cream, whipped cream, Bavarian cream or some other decadent thick whipped topping. Why? Because peaches are just too lush and delicious to not spoil and smother with decadent deliciousness.

The secret to this recipe is that it calls on you to use the peach juice as well as the peaches themselves. It uses canned peaches, but in season, use fresh and unfiltered organic peach juice. Either way, the result will be an utterly seductive dessert that will not last even minutes. Given its humble appearance, a simple cake topping cut peaches, the flavor will entirely thrill your taste buds. There are a couple of ways to ensure this dish reaches its fullest potential. First, use butter. Its sweetness is unparalleled in good baking. Second, use the evaporated milk recommended in the recipe. Evaporated milk is concentrated milk. That is, up to 50% of the water has been removed from the milk before canning it. That concentrates the flavor, and it does make a big difference to the result.

This dish is equally fabulous served warm or cold. Served warm, peaches pair wonderfully with peach or plain ice cream or any other topping that is whipped. Cold, it holds its flavor and the peaches really stand out. For a dish that is so entirely delightful, it is quite easy to put together, bakes easily in a square pan, and serves up simply. For a young baker, this peach cake could be the perfect beginner’s cake to earn bragging rights for creating a truly delicious dish. Why not try it tonight? If it’s out of season, remember, you can still use canned peaches with great success.

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