Peanut Butter Blossoms

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When you think of Christmas cookie recipes, this peanut butter blossoms recipe might just be one that comes to mind. This holiday cookie recipe is a seasonal favorite, and if you haven't tried it already, it's sure to make your list of favorites. There is nothing quite like a Hershey’s kiss right in the middle of the soft peanut butter cookies to start the season off right. This is a holiday cookie recipe the kids can help make. This drop cookie recipe also is a good one if you are planning a cookie swap. Holiday cookie recipes always make the season feel special, but it can take a lot of organizing to get everything done. One idea that people love is the annual holiday cookie recipe swap. This is a great idea that will leave you with more cookies than you know what to do with, and a good way to try out everyone's seasonal favorites. With bundles of homemade cookie recipes in flavors and shapes to please every taste, you'll want to consider planning a swap. The cookie swap idea is simple, invite a group of friends, and have each person in the group make enough of one kind of holiday cookie recipe to share. At the party, you can sample the cookies, then trade and package them in some appealing assortments. Everyone at the cookie swap leaves with finished gifts, and plenty of new holiday cookie recipes.

To start, you will want to send out the invitations to your cookie swap, three to four weeks in advance. Eight people are the ideal number, manageable, with enough room for a good variety of holiday cookie recipes. Have each person at the cookie swap bring along copies of their holiday cookie recipe as well as some supplies for some pretty packaging, such as ribbons, boxes, or tags. The holiday cookie recipes. Ask each guest to make about a dozen cookies for every person at the party, plus an extra dozen cookies for sampling, and you do the same. This way, everybody at the party will go home with several dozen holiday cookies in different flavors to give as gifts. If that amount seems a bit daunting, you can scale back, if eight people at the party have about six dozen cookies to swap, you will take a few less of each kind of cookie but will still have an ample number.

The cookie swap. On the day of the cookie swap party, brew plenty of coffee and tea, and then clear a few tables for sampling the cookies, swapping, and packaging cookies. Provide several cookie platters and cake stands, and have each guest put out a plate of their cookies for tasting, with stacks of holiday cookie recipes alongside if you like. The display at the cookie swap, it helps to know which cookie recipe is which. Use folding place cards that are set in front of each cookie variety as a label. Write or print the name of the holiday cookie recipe and the contributor on the card.

The cookie packaging station. Ask your guests to bring some cookie wrapping materials; you might also keep some extra on hand in case any are overlooked. Set everything out onto large worktables. Some things to consider include tags or sticky labels, cardboard boxes, ribbons and twine, tissue paper, sturdy paper plates, baking papers, cellophane, scissors and hole punches and other trimmings. You will find this peanut butter blossoms holiday cookie recipe on the Brown Eyed Baker site. On the site, you will find holiday cookie recipes, drop cookies, appetizer recipes, breakfast and brunch recipes, side dish recipes, main dish recipes and more. **

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