Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

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Why does peanut butter taste so delicious with chocolate? Hard to say, but here is another successful dish, Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars, that you can taste test to see what makes the combination work so well. This particular recipe is made entirely from scratch, using rich and wonderful ingredients. Don’t substitute. Make this recipe with the cream and unsalted butter as called for. It will be rich and decadent. Cut pieces very tiny and eat little bites between sips of good tea or coffee. It will be a wonderful treat for everyone who gets to share in it.

Sometimes we want to lighten up our desserts by cutting the fat, sugar and other high calorie ingredients. That is a great thing to do, and it can often mean we get to treat ourselves a little more often with the good things in life. Still, there is plenty to say about using full fat and sugar and making something yourself entirely from scratch. The flavor of something prepared this way is inimitable. As well, when you bake entirely from scratch, you control often hidden ingredients, preservatives, additives and colorings that you might prefer to not eat. These are all good reasons to cook from scratch and use real ingredients when you bake.

This recipe pulls out all the stops in this three layer dish of rich cookie/cake base and layers of peanut butter, cream cheese and ganache. Just the real fats in the cream will keep you from eating too much. Cut the pieces very tiny. Cream is surprisingly filling and seems to almost make you more full as the hours go by. Eaten sparingly, this treat can become a family favorite. Freeze leftovers cut in very tiny pieces and eat it like the French. One little bite every day.

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