Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse Cake

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Peanut butter and chocolate - could there be a better combo? How about combining them for a delicious Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse Cake? Its sweet chocolate and salty peanut butter compliment each other perfectly, and because it is a mousse dessert it has a light texture to compliment its rich ingredients. This is definitely a dessert to die for.

This recipe was created by Lindsay, the author of Life, Love & Sugar. Lindsay is obsessed with cakes, and believes that there is a perfect cake for every occasion. Fortunately for us she is sharing all of her wonderful recipes, including this delicious mousse cake.

This mousse cake is layered with different flavors and textures. At the base we have a layer of brownies topped with mini Reese cups. On top of that there is a peanut butter mousse layer, followed by a chocolate mousse layer. The cake has a thin chocolate exterior layer, and finally garnished with chocolate whipped cream swirls and more mini Reeses. And the cake looks as good as it sounds - Lindsays photos are enough to make me salivate.

This dessert has quite a few steps, but you can easily make it easier for yourself by buying already made brownies and whipped cream. But since you will not be able to resist this cake, I would recommend that you buy low-sugar and low-fat versions. However if you have a extra few minutes, I would recommend that you make them. In doing so you can put in the right amount of sugar, not to mention that you will save some money.

The mousse however you will have to make - thankfully its quite easy. Both the chocolate and peanut butter mousse you will need powdered gelatin, water, and heavy whipping cream. First sprinkle slowly the gelatin powder over the water, and mix it with boiling heavy cream right from the microwave. Finally pour this hot mix over chocolate or peanut butter, and mix again to get the material for a perfect mousse.

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