Peanut Butter Cup Brownies

Photo Credit: Culinary Couture Blog

Ok, so this dessert caught my eye. NOT because they are also called 'Crack Brownies' on the website, but because of the peanut butter cup and brownie combo. Genius. Simply genius. For the peanut butter lovers out there, you would be very surprised to see this recipe and realize that you did not think of this combination yourself? I mean really it is so obvious, but in all things that make us shake our heads in disbelief that we did not think of it, we have to thank the creator who brought it to our awareness.

So this yummy recipe comes from 'Culinary Couture'. The base brownie layer is a fudgy brownie recipe with ingredients that you should have no troubles finding in your cupboard.

The brilliant part (in my opinion) comes at the top when I realize that there are not only peanut butter cups added, but also a buttery rice krispie mixture that really does make these brownies feel a bit addictive.

One thing I found out from this recipe, is that although classic rice krispies work well, you can also substitute for your favorite crispie cereal to add that crunch. I mean, go crazy..add hemp seeds if you feel you must! This is a practice that I am learning to restrain myself from, as my husband gets a little bit upset when I try to make a seriously decadent dessert 'healthy'.

So however you end up making it, you can find the full list of ingredients and directions at the website link below to the 'Culinary Couture' website.

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