Peanut Butter Meltaways

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This Peanut Butter Meltaways Recipe is almost too easy. It can literally be made in just a few minutes, and even though the recipe creator and web site blogger, Jen, recommends chilling these little delights for a few hours before eating them, you might just succumb and gobble up a few (several?) before they cool. They are also so easy that you might let your new baker try his or her skill at making them. They do not require baking, just time in the microwave to prepare the chips, and so on.

One of the skills to practice for an aspiring baker is the piping of the mixture in to mini cupcake papers. That can be a challenge for a new cook. As well, the amounts that go in to each cup need to be regulated so each cup contains about the same amount. Now professional bakers would obviously weight out portions, but that is not what is needed for home baking. Just a good eye to ensure that the cups are about the same size (and to save the kids from arguing who got the biggest one!). So this recipe is a great one for young bakers to practice and learn from. As well, it is practically pure chocolate, and who does not want to work with those ingredients? Because the recipe is essentially all chocolate (with some good peanut butter thrown in for good measure) be sure to buy high quality ingredients. The recipe photos on the site show Ghirardelli brand, which is well known and popular in the United States, and some times can be purchased right at the grocery store, if you are in a major center. You can also purchase this brand online.

This is a fun recipe that can give new bakers lots of practice on measuring and allotting dough. It is easy to make, and does not require time in the oven. The Peanut Butter Meltaways are best if they are chilled, but you will be forgiven if you cannot wait that long to “try just one.” Enjoy this recipe soon.

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