Peanut Butter Oreo Pie

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Like most of North America, we are always on the hunt for recipes for peanut butter desserts. Who doesn't love a easy peanut butter pie recipe or an easy chocolate peanut butter pie. How about Oreo? Thanks to Amanda and Kevin of Kevin and Amanda recipe blog site for their Peanut Butter Oreo Pie recipe that marries many of the ingredients we know are so rich but realize are so yummy good. This recipe is made with simple ingredients you can readily find in your food store, or you may already have in your pantry. The oven can take a break for this pie recipe since it can be assembled and made without any cooking involved.

Peanut butter is that gooey treat that can be licked off the spoon, spread on a fresh piece of bread, used as a dip for a big piece of chocolate or used in cakes and pies as per this peanut butter desserts recipe from the kitchen of Kevin and Amanda. Peanuts can be traced back to an archaeological find that dates the pods discovered to be at least 7,600 years old. They were found in Peru and were grown all throughout the subtropical regions of the mountainous area found all around there. The Aztecs are thought to have been the first peoples who took this wonderful legume and make it into a form of peanut butter, and their recipe was also brought to the world from there. The Spanish and Europeans arrived in South America, and they brought the peanut around the world where to this day it is enjoyed by many different cultures. Peanuts can be boiled, steamed, roasted or just dried out and eaten. Yes, you read it right; it is classified as a legume even though it is called a peanut. It wasn’t until 1884 that peanut butter was patented and has come to be a regular staple in many pantries around the world.

This peanut butter oreo pie recipe is carrying on the journey of the peanut and blending them into cookies, cream, and three other ingredients to make a rich and pleasing dessert. Six ingredients make this peanut butter desserts recipe one that won’t have you struggling over too many directions and measuring’s. A food processor blends them, but you can make due with a blender, and if needed, you can add the ingredients, which are to be crushed, by placing them into a plastic bag and using a rolling pin to grind the ingredients down. No heat is required which adds ease to the making of this peanut butter desserts recipe. After the ingredients are mixed and added to the buttered pan, all that is left to do is refrigerate and relax while you wait for dessert to set. This peanut butter oreo pie recipe can be refrigerated and keeps well there for a few days. If needed, it can also freeze well if covered tightly. With such a rich peanut butter desserts recipe and a nice coffee or fancy mocha cappuccino to help you wash it down you will have to keep the portion size small or face the fact you may need to run that extra mile or skip the next dessert! Kevin and Amanda’s peanut butter desserts will comfort you anytime you need it.*

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