Peanut Butter Pie

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This recipe makes a chunky, peanut buttery, chocolate-y rich and filling pie that kids will love. It is quick, easy, and cheap to make, and kids will gobble it up. And it is easy enough that kids can make it (with a little bit of help). But there is no baking, and only chilling that has to happen with this pie. But don’t skip this step, even if the kids are begging for a bite. It takes some time for the flavors to come together, and the pie will be much better for several hours in the fridge. Meantime, it is amazing how helpful the kids become when they know a pie such as this one awaits them at the end of the day!

Peanut butter cups are used to make this an extra fun pie for kids. Get the mini ones, although a few big ones could be used, if you cannot find the minis for some reason. Peanut butter cups are an American classic treat invented in the 1930s. They combine milk chocolate and peanut butter. Who might have thought they would be such a fantastic treat? And peanut butter is a filling and nutritious food, so you can guess that this dish will fill you up with a small piece of it.

The Love Foodies website, run by blogger and recipe creator, Mary, is a very interesting read. She has an unusual background that might surprise some readers, and brings a wealth of experience to the food table. She offers all kinds of different foods from many different countries, many of them provided with her personal spin on the recipe. This particular pie is quintessentially American, with its chocolate and peanut butter combination and smooth and creamy flavor. Make it soon and see how your family enjoys its chunky and chocolate-y taste. Enjoy!

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