Peanut Butter Truffle Chocolate Cake

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Peanut Butter Truffle Chocolate Cake is a wondrous cake to look at, and worth a trip to this website just to take a look at the fabulous photos. It is made with a special dark cocoa that turns the cake out practically black. The color will seduce you instantly and you will just have to try out this recipe. The layering of the black base, lightly caramel middle, and drizzled black icing is really spectacular. It takes only a few minutes, really, to imitate the beauty of this presentation, and is well worth the effort, at least once in a while. Impress your friends and family some evening and surprise them with individual servings of this beautiful dessert.

Chocolate is a fascinating product. It doesn’t come straight from a tree, like nuts, but is much more like coffee (which is another fascinating story in itself on how coffee was developed). The cocoa bean is plucked from the tree, but that is only the beginning of the chocolate story. The bean is washed, dried, roasted and often boiled before various extracts are made to produce either coca liquor or cocoa powder. Dutch process cocoa is a cocoa that has been processed with an alkalizing agent to remove the bitter flavor in the chocolate and produce a milder flavor. If you taste very dark chocolate, say at 90 percent, the bitter aspect of chocolate is unmistakable. The various blends of chocolate from milk to dark all add sugar, as well as other ingredients, in order to control the level of bitterness in the flavor. The cocoa tree is native to the forests of the Amazon, but it has spread to Central America and even Asia and West Africa over the last century. So try out this black cocoa cake tonight and see how you like it.

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