Peanut Butter Whipped Cream Oreo Pie

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This Peanut Butter Whipped Cream Oreo Pie recipe will almost certainly fill your hearts as much as your tummies. This fun and fabulous Oreo Pie recipe is meant for kids and families and friends to share, without thought, worry or concern about whether or not the pie has even a single nutritious thing in it. In this recipe, there is some food value in the peanut butter, which is a great and filling food to feed the kids. And they tend to love it, especially when you couple it with chocolate and Oreo cookies, as you do in this pie recipe. Serve it all to them in this peanut butter whipped cream Oreo pie recipe and they will love you, too. So make it today; it takes no time at all to whip together. And the kids can help out, too.

This cream Oreo pie is worth looking at on the site where the recipe can be found, Kevin and Amanda, for the photos that you can see there. There are so many pics of the cream Oreo pie recipe, both completed and in progress. Not only can the pics help you to understand the steps that are involved in the process, but as well, the photos are fabulous to look at, and they can help to show you what you can achieve in a few easy steps with this recipe.

This peanut butter whipped cream Oreo pie recipe could be one to make with the kids. Just the title of the recipe tells you that much, and so will the ingredients once you read through the pie recipe. The bottom layer of Oreos could be hand crushed by the kids in a Ziploc bag. Once that task is done, you could pour slightly cooled, melted butter in to the Ziploc, and the kids could once again squish and crush and mix the whole mess up for you. They will do a terrific job and have a blast while they do it. That would give them something to do, make them feel like they are contributing to the cream Oreo pie, and give them some bragging rights when the pie is complete. The filling is another quick and easy blend of peanut butter (use natural varieties, preferably also organic, without any added sugar or salt) and sugar and butter. It blends easily and then gets frozen on top of the already frozen Oreo cookie base. The coup de grace may lie in the additional chocolate topping, a ganache that is poured over the previous two layers. This is a delightful chocolate then peanut butter then more chocolate delight. It is a pretty pie with contrasting colors and one all will enjoy.

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