Peanut Butter White Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake Bars

Photo Credit: A Dash of Sanity

These peanut butter white chocolate brownie cheesecake bars just have to be a hit in every household. What’s not to like? There’s something in this recipe for everyone, whether you love peanut butter, white chocolate, brownies or cheesecake. And what a treat if you like all of it. Something is bound to hit the spot, and served altogether, this dessert will fill tummies with dee-lish-us-ness galore! Try it today!

This cake contains three and arguably four (is drizzle counted as a layer?) layers, with one to please every palette. The dessert starts on the bottom with great brownies made from scratch. In fact, every layer is made from scratch ensuring a wonderful homemade flavor to this dessert. Then two layers of cheesecake, one peanut butter and one plain, are mounded on top of the brownie. More chocolate drizzle, and you have one peanut butter white chocolate brownie cheesecake bar.

Let this cake get nice and cold in the refrigerator before you serve it. Flavors can co-mingle and the dessert will be easier to cut and serve and show off the colors in the different layers. Finicky eaters may peel off a layer or two and eat the parts they like, but so what? It is dessert, after all, and what they don’t eat, someone else will surely volunteer to scarf. This cake is a great blend that many people will enjoy of peanut butter and chocolate, in fact, two kinds, white and dark. That makes it an interesting twist. As well, the texture of the cheesecake will add lots of moisture to the brownie base. In all this cake is a real winner you will enjoy serving your family. Try it soon!

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