Pedal-Powered Raht Racer Cycle and Travel as Fast as A Car!

Photo Credit: Inhabitat

Here is a workout that will also get you to the office on time, every time. Use the pedal-powered RAHT racer cycle and travel as fast as a car! It’s quite true. The electric vehicle draws on your pedaling power to produce electricity that powers a battery to operate this vehicle. The computer components of the car configure the power of your pedaling to increase its capacity so that your vehicle, the RAHT racer cycle, can travel up to 100 mph. For people who love to cycle, this may be the best answer to get to work and get a work out at the same time.

Sound too good to be true? Here’s more. The car is small and compact, yet still can accommodate another rider. As well, there is room for your computer, work materials and other things that you take to work. The vehicle is really a sort of ramped up bicycle that allows you to cycle at slower speeds when you want and then ramp it up to be able to drive on high speed highways and interstates. It is the perfect answer to get to work using alternate energy and stay in shape, too.

Another bonus is the computer in the vehicle keeps track of the user performance so you know just how much energy you are expanding, over time, as well as other useful workout information. Even more, the vehicle has lights, a roll cage for safety, seat belts and even an air bag.

This vehicle is an extraordinary thing to see in action. You can check it out at the website where plenty of photos and a video take you through the features and how the vehicle works. The inventor, Rich Kronfeld, hopes that this prototype will eventually become a legal vehicle to ride on the streets of any town or city. Right now, the RAHT racer cycle is still a prototype, although a fully functional one. If you love to ride, check out this cycle on their website today!

Find out more about this RAHT racer cycle and many other things at the website, Inhabitat, by following the link below.

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