Peeta's Stuffed Cheese Balls

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The name of these buns are "Peeta's Stuffed Cheese Buns" and Hunger Game Fans will enjoy the write up that blogger Yammie has writen with this recipe post.

The recipe itself is just so yummy that we were excited to share it. You make these yummy buns from scratch, but don't be afraid of that as the instructions are simple to follow, and they only have one 30 minute rising time so this is not a long baking event. Yammie has added fresh chopped Oregano to the melted butter, and that is one of my favorite herbs. I can well imagine how good these little buns are going to taste warm from the oven with soft cheese in the middle.

This recipe would be fun to make if you were having a little get together and needed to make something for a snack. We love to do kitchen time as a family whenever we get together. It must be because our mother enjoyed baking and cooking so much, and that was where we would visit. Everyone, including friends would gather in the kitchen and get to talking about one recipe or another and before you knew it it was a team effort to bake or cook something wonderful. Kitchen time is a bonding time and the stories we use to hear and tell! Once you come from this type of background, this social habit of sharing the work in the kitchen becomes its own recipe for forming family relationships!

Now no doubt you will love to find out exactly what goes into making the Peeta Stuffed Cheese Buns and the wonderful "Peeta and Hunger Games" story that goes along with it.

Please visit the 'Yammies Noshery' website just below to find out all!

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