Pefect for someone that needs a ground floor bedroom - Lifestyle Series 7200GB Tiny Home

Photo Credit: Designer Eco Tiny Homes

Here's another wonderful tiny house design from Designer Eco Tiny Homes, this is their Lifestyle Series 7200GB tiny house design, and it's their most popular design yet. The tiny house can sleep up to six people which makes it a nice home for full-time living. The home measures 24 feet long making it larger than some of the other models in the company's collection. So if you're looking to live in a tiny house on wheels or you want an extra suite to rent out or have for family, this would be the one to get. The exterior of this tiny house on wheels is finished in beautiful western red cedar wood and smooth cladding with a metal roof. The home costs around $85,700 for everything you see in the photos. The home also features a lot of great windows with screens in them to bring in some air flow and natural light. In the beautiful kitchen, there are plenty of cabinets with wooden countertops. For cooking, there is a cooktop built right into the counter as well as a separate oven unit below, and a fridge, sink and a range hood to ventilate.

They even left enough space to include a dining room table that can be stored away when it's not in use. It sits at the centre of the bench seating they included in the home which also acts as seating for the living room area. Over in the bathroom area, there is a flush toilet, a shower and a vanity with a sink and a mirror with a cabinet. This tiny house design has three sleeping areas including a main floor bedroom. Then there is also one small loft bedroom and a larger loft bedroom as well. So this could even be a great tiny house for a small family with young kids. All of their tiny houses are fully insulated so you can have it insulated for the coldest weather and it will keep you nice and warm. Their tiny houses on wheels are registered as caravans. Depending on where you live, this usually means that you don't need any approval to have it in your backyard. The units are allowed to be used for a short-term rental period, or you can have a family member live in the tiny house as an extension of the home in Australia where the units are built. Always be sure to check the laws in the area you live in to make sure. You can also take your tiny house and park it in RV campgrounds if you want to travel around in it.

Designer Eco Tiny Homes recommend their Independent series for travel since they are smaller and lighter, therefore, easier to tow. If you're thinking about having a tiny house built by them, it usually takes about three months to build and deliver to you. You can also set up a payment plan with the company and make 5 payments including a 20% deposit, 20% once the trailer is built, 20% when the frame is being built, 20% for the finishing stage and then another 20% when it's completely finished. For an off-grid tiny house, they will install a complete solar system, a wood-fired combustion heater and passive solar design for cooling as well as gas stoves and ovens for cooking. A composting toilet can be installed instead of a flush toilet and rainwater can be collected in large tanks. Even if you don't live in Australia, it's great to look at different tiny houses on wheels from around the world to get inspiration for your own designs. Check out this and other tiny houses on wheels from Designer Eco Tiny Homes.***

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