Peppered Pork Loin with a Pecan-Chili Fruit Sauce

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Try this Peppered Pork Loin with a Pecan-Chili Fruit Sauce recipe and you may never return to plain old pork chops again. The character of pork meat has come a long way from the tough and fatty stuff we used to eat. Today, pork meat is a beautifully prepared, lean cut of meat, full of sweet and tender flavor. This pork loin recipe uses perhaps the finest cut of meat that you can get out of an animal, producing fat free, rich and tender bits of meat that are full of flavor and taste fabulous. Try this pecan-chili fruit sauce recipe along with the pork loin recipe, too. There is nothing quite like something that is a bit tangy and snappy along side this sweet meat. In this pork loin recipe, the pecan-chili sauce recipe is intrinsic to the outcome and flavor of the meat.

This recipe begins with the pecan-chili fruit sauce by preparing the pineapple, cranberries and other fruit in a pan along with toasting the pecans. That creates a great base; however, the fruit is removed from the pan and the drippings are allowed to remain. Then the pork loin is added. Now the pork loin gets cooked right in the tart and tangy residual juices that came from the pineapple, cranberries and other fruit. This method will produce a beautiful exterior for the pork loin. And if you are wondering what the pecan-chili fruit sauce looks like, just check out the photos of the fruit sauce on the site, Ask Chef Dennis. The fruit sauce is a pot pourri of color, texture and taste from the myriad ingredients that are used to make up this recipe.

To be sure that you do not miss adding in any of the ingredients that are called for, Chef Dennis recommends the step of mise en place. This expression, from the French, means to put in to place. What that means is, as every baker and cook knows, that you take out all of the ingredients that you are going to require for any recipe and you set them out in the order in which you will use those ingredients. This method accomplishes two things. First, it ensures that you actually have all of the ingredients that you are going to need to use for whatever dish or dinner that you are preparing. Second, since all of the ingredients are placed in a row, you know which order you are going to use each ingredient in, and you will not miss out on adding an ingredient because you did not put it out on the counter in the order that you need to use it. Enjoy this great pork loin recipe soon.

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