Peppermint Mocha Cheesecake Dip

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We usually think about dips as more likely to be savory in nature and flavor, but here is a fabulous Peppermint Mocha Cheesecake Dip recipe that is sweet and delicious. And this cheesecake dip recipe only takes minutes to make, not the two days that some cheesecake recipes demand! So you can have this treat ready and on the table in no time flat. And all the members of your family will be ready and lined up, chocolate wafers (or whatever other cookie you may serve this cheesecake dip with) in hand, to dig in and gobble up what you have made. The only change I might recommend for this sweet dip recipe is to use real whipped cream. In this recipe, frozen whipped topping is recommended, but it has none of the flavor of real cream. And whipping cream is a lot of fun to make, especially for the kids, if they have not made it before. So consider that small alteration to this great peppermint mocha cheesecake dip recipe.

This dip recipe uses a series of simple ingredients to combine in to a rich and thick dip. It will taste great served with simple wafers made from vanilla or chocolate, rather than cookies with a filling (like Oreos, for example). That is because the dip itself is quite rich and sweet and using a super sweet cookie, one that has an icing or one that has a filling, might just be too much. Of course, the kids will argue differently! But stick to your guns and use simple wafers.

Peppermint and chocolate are another one of those wonderful flavor combinations that just seem to be a natural pairing of great taste. Peppermint is slightly hot in flavor, with a bit of pepper, and just a touch of lemon in it. Mocha is sultry chocolate with its own slightly bitter edge. Together these tastes make this dip recipe really special. And, the site recipe developer recommends crushing peppermint candy or candy canes (whatever you have handy) on top of the rich and creamy dip once it is made. That crunch will add a nice texture change to the creaminess of the whipped cream and cream cheese.

This dish will appeal to the kids, mostly, I would expect. It is very sweet, and cookies are dipped in to it, making it sweeter still. Serve this dish as an afternoon snack, or set it out when the kids have a play date. The peppermint suggests a winter serving or possibly a holiday theme, so you may make it for parties and see if the adults enjoy it. Any way you make it, this is a quick and easy dip to make.

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