Perfect Cabbage Roll Soup

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This cabbage roll soup recipe has all the flavors of classic cabbage rolls without all the work. This easy dinner idea is hearty, and filling and can be enjoyed any night of the week. Cabbage rolls are a recipe that involves several steps from the boiling of the cabbage, making the cabbage roll filling, wrapping everything up and then baking the recipe, which takes a lot of time. This easy cabbage recipe has all the same flavors of the classic dish, but with a fraction of the total prep time. To make your unstuffed cabbage soup recipe, you’ll need to start with some quality ground beef. For this easy cabbage recipe 90 percent lean ground beef was used, and is recommended for its great flavor but doesn’t leave the soup recipe overly greased. The ground beef is then browned along with some onion before the rest of the easy cabbage recipe ingredients get added to the pot. This easy cabbage recipe is nice and filling with the meat, veggies and rice, making it a complete meal in one pot. You can serve this easy cabbage recipe with a side of crusty bread or a green salad, to make it a full meal. This is an easy dinner idea that the kids will love too. You might make a double batch of this soup recipe so that you have leftovers to enjoy later in the week. For the full step by step easy cabbage recipe, you'll want to take a look at the Dinner At The Zoo site.

The Different Types of Ground Beef. When it comes to buying ground beef for your easy dinner ideas, there are a few things to know. To start, you will want to know where the beef is cut from, the fat content and the coarseness of the grind which can vary. When you are purchasing ground beef, the following are some of the types of ground beef that are available. Regular ground beef. This ground beef for your easy dinner ideas is usually the blend with the highest fat content, which is about 25 to 30 percent. Regular ground beef is cut from the trimmings of inexpensive cuts such as brisket and shank. Regular ground beef is the ground beef that is the least expensive, and while it does have the most flavor, it will shrink the most when it is cooked because of its high-fat content. This type of ground beef is the juiciest and the most flavorful.

Ground Chuck. Ground chuck is another type of ground beef you can use for your family-friendly meal ideas. This ground beef contains about 15 to 20 percent fat and comes from the front area of the cow around the shoulder. This ground beef is great all-purpose ground meat because it is not as fatty as regular ground beef, but it still has good flavor. Ground chuck may also be labelled as lean ground beef. Ground round. This ground beef has about 12 percent fat and is ground from the lower end of the animal near the tail area. If you want to cook the meat into a sauce recipe or with some vegetables, this ground meat is a wise choice because it has less fat. And because you will be mixing it with other ingredients, the less-beefy flavor of the ground round won't matter.

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