Perfect Chocolate Buttercream

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Try this Perfect Chocolate Buttercream recipe, and see if you do not enjoy frosting that you make at home from scratch far more than any commercial version you could buy at the local grocery store. This perfect chocolate buttercream frosting recipe combines butter, cocoa and cream with the icing sugar and then whips it for some time in order to create a frosting that is full of air. That means the buttercream frosting is light, but also rich with fat and flavor. It is important to take your time when you make a recipe such as this perfect chocolate buttercream recipe so that the ingredients are smoothly blended and the result is as light as air.

Given how old cakes are, frosting is just a new comer to the street. Cakes can be traced back to at least the ancient Olympic games when the winners were awarded a honey cake or a cheese cake as their prize. This indicates just how rare a cake was, and what value was placed on it. That is certainly a far cry from our cake culture today. Frosting followed much later, and is thought to have first begun to appear on the scene in about the mid 17th century. At that time, there was no buttercream recipe. Instead, frosting was a blend of sugar, egg whites and some flavoring that was boiled and the spread over the cake. At times, the cake was put back in to the oven and the whole thing allowed to cook for a short time. Even today, though, there are boiled icings that use egg whites to form the frosting.

It was another two hundred years before uncooked frosting as we think about it today was invented. The combination of butter, sugar and cream is quite different in flavor and texture than the cooked varieties. And whipping cream can also sometimes be folded in to the frosting, making it richer still. When you plan to enjoy something made with frosting, you might as well throw any plans to keep to a diet or low fat intake out the window. And do not use low fat butters or margarines to make your frosting, either, as they do not have the flavor to make a good frosting. If you have trouble spreading your frosting over your finished cake, try sprinkling the cake first with icing sugar. That should help the frosting stick in place. As well, if you want the frosting to be shiny, blow dry it (gently!). Frosting a cake well does take some skill and a bit of practice. Be sure that the cake is fully cooled before you start. Have fun with frosting and enjoy this chocolate buttercream.

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