Perfect Cinnamon Rolls

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Calling a recipe, Perfect Cinnamon Rolls, suggests that cinnamon rolls could be anything less than perfect. According to my family, it does not really matter. All cinnamon rolls are perfect—rather by definition. That is a good thing to hear if you are making them for your first time, and outcomes may be a little unpredictable . . . . This recipe for the dough starts with a yeast dough. That always means a great result, but I do favor yeast breads over any thing made with a leavening agent.

Here, lovely dough is made using milk and eggs in the yeast bread. The milk and eggs give extra richness and flavor to the dough, and if you use farm eggs in mid-summer, the dough will be a beautiful deep golden color because of the heavy amounts of beta-carotene in the eggs. Even without that addition, the yeast dough made this way is terrific. A bit of sugar also bumps up the sweetness factor. And if you grate in the rind of an orange, even better. The filling is the classic cinnamon sugar blend, which, again, you could bump up. Add chopped walnuts, and more orange rind for a very special and rich cinnamon bun.

The yeast must rise, and then you punch it down, roll out the dough, sprinkle it with the filling, roll it back up and let it rise for a bit more time. Bake. When it comes from the oven, don’t wait. Pour the cream cheese frosting over top, and serve. This is the most decadent way to serve perfect cinnamon rolls. You will want to eat two, but stop yourself. You will be full after just one of these rich and fabulous, and yes, perfect, cinnamon rolls. Serve them on Sunday morning, and see if you don’t keep your family right at home to eat them.

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