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It's easy to imagine you and your family land friends hanging out in this beautifully crafted wood cabin. The Lake Cabin is just one of the log home kits you might consider when thinking about cabin building. A wood cabin like this would be the perfect spot for entertaining family and friends and hosting weekends away beside the lake or in a forest or country location. This wood cabin kit is the basic log home kit with the option of adding on an outdoor porch to the front or the back of the cabin building in a size of your choice. This wood cabin kit includes a bedroom, a bathroom, a simple kitchen, a sleeping loft and a living area, along with the option of having a covered outdoor porch. The open living room and kitchen space is the ideal place to entertain and hang out with both family and friends.

This wood cabin kit is pre-built by the Amish and shipped to your building location. The Amish have a long reputation for building quality wood cabins through the years. They are known for their attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. This wood cabin kit includes one or two 36 inch entry doors, along with four to six single-hung, double-insulated vinyl windows. The wood cabin kit has SIP walls and roof which provide the highest insulation and structural values needed to live comfortably. The log cabin kit has 200-amp pre-wired electric with outlet boxes switches, and a breaker box. There are eight-foot kitchen cupboards with countertops and a kitchen sink. No appliances are included with this wood cabin kit. The log cabin kit has stained floors, a full-size bath, including both shower and sink, a bathroom vanity, and toilet. There is a foundation plan, interior wood cabin walls, ceiling, and floors which are all clear coated. The wood cabin has fans in the bedrooms and living room. All of the wood cabin kits on the website are customizable.

The logs that come with this wood cabin kit are D-logs. D logs are the description of the shape of the log when viewed from the cross-section. So the interior side of the D-log is manufactured to be flat, and the exterior side of the D-log is curved, just like the capital letter D. One of the main advantages of using D-logs in your wood cabin build is that the flat side of the D-log making the D-logs easier to build with. This is because there is no need to notch the logs as there would be with round logs. Using D-logs means that you can put the wall studs right up against the logs. Or, if you want a more natural wood interior finish in your wood cabin, the smooth surface means that no dust collects as on curved interior logs.

When it comes to wood cabin kits, there is a wide variety to choose from, to include handcrafted log home kits and wood cabins, to milled wood cabins, to hewn logs and sawn wood cabins. Handcrafted wood cabins are usually made from logs that are hand peeled and look pretty much the same as what the logs looked like as trees. Hewn wood cabins, use logs that have been hewn by an axe to make an oval, hexagonal, octagonal or rectangular section of the wood cabin. This is just one of the wood cabins you will find on the Green Garden Chicken site. On the site, you will find other log home kits, cabin building kits, off-grid solar kits, solar and wind, grid tie solar kits and so much more. **

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