Perfect Crab Cakes

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Do you ever wish you could make something like they make in the restaurants? How about these Perfect Crab Cakes? Here is a great recipe for the Perfect Crab Cakes you will even make at home, just as good or maybe even better than the ones you get in the restaurant. You can be the judge of that when you make them though. Crab cakes are not cakes really, more like little patties. They are chock full of delicious seafood and bulked up with saltine crackers that give them something to hold them together, and then some egg also for binding.

The author of the recipe over at Community Table, says that they are seriously the best crab cakes she has ever had. So that is a good sign all on it's own! Whenever I search for recipes, I always try to find the best one out there, ones that get a lot of good reviews and ones that have been reviewed as 4 stars or more. Then when I make it, I always book mark it for future use, or take a screen shot of the recipe on my phone for later use. This way I have all of my favourite recipes in one place. Or, I pin them on Pintrest, so that if my phone or computer were to fail, I have a backup of all of my favourite recipes.

These crab cakes look seriously amazing, and seem like they would be super easy to whip up in minutes. I imagine them being great for an appetizer with a little green salad on the side, and some dipping sauce, like they mention on the recipe, or sometimes they are great as an eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce, wouldn't that be awesome? Try out this recipe for yourself! Head on over to 'Community Table' by following the link in the section below for more!

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