Perfect GAME DAY Spinach Artichoke Bites

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Spinach artichoke bites pack so much nutritional goodness, it is almost surprising. After all, they taste so yummy! Do not let the kids know just how good this stuff is for them, and make it often so they get plenty of goodness in to their tummies. This particular recipe is also loaded with fat, but for kids, who need the energy, that is a good thing. For the rest of us, limit the number we eat, and we will be fine. Some times, you just need to eat a good thing or two, right!

This is an easy recipe to make because you start with thawed out, but frozen spinach, and artichokes in a jar. That means you can just pile in the rest of the ingredients, bake and mix. And this dish looks fabulous, and tastes even better. The recipe twist here is to take the spinach artichoke dip and make it in to individual bites using mini filo. That makes this dish in to a wonderful appetizer or just a snack for every one on some late night when you are watching a favorite show. Spinach is a terrific green vegetable, and all green veggies are full of goodness. Spinach is loaded in vitamins and minerals, and especially antioxidants, which attack free radicals in our body and protect our bodies at the cellular level. Spinach is loaded with vitamin A, K, and loaded with manganese. It also has a broad range of other nutritional components. This is a vegetable to eat regularly, whether a frozen variety, as this recipe calls for, or fresh in some great tossed salad.

Artichokes have plenty of goodness too, and when you eat them, you are eating the un-flowered flower bud of the growing plant. Artichokes are low in calories, but high in dietary fiber and anti-oxidants. Artichokes are also a great source of vitamin K. Between the artichokes and the spinach, you will be set in this regard. Enjoy this dish soon!

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