Perfect No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Dessert

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Chocolate and peanut butter recipes can never go out of style. This Perfect No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Dessert tastes beyond words. These bars are easy to make with different layers of a decadent creamy cheesecake layer over a buttery Oreo crust and a chocolate mousse layer on top and garnished with the popular peanut butter cups. You will need a lot of self-control to stop popping these bars one after another. These bars are going to challenge your willpower, but in the end, you will be happy that you made them. There is very little prep time required for making these bars especially when you need an easy and delicious dessert recipe for guests at the last minute. These bars stay well for several days if stored in an airtight jar in the fridge. Also, there is a good amount of nutrition in these bars because of peanut butter that is rich in protein. Peanut butter dessert recipes are so convenient to make because it’s inexpensive and available in every household.

For a more edgy twist in this recipe, you could add chopped walnuts, pecans or even roasted cashews or try adding seeds like pumpkin, sunflower, hemp, chia seeds to these bars. Always let the bars set completely in the fridge before you cut the dessert into little squares to achieve a perfect shape. Be creative and add more flavors to this recipe, for instance, you can add Skor toffee bits, butterscotch chips, marshmallow fluff, desiccated coconut or even white chocolate will taste very good. You can also use mint chocolate chips or put some orange zest in the crumb mixture to give it a refreshing twist of citrus flavor. You can also add white chocolate, to this recipe. There are endless ways of making this recipe interesting. Make it the way your guests or family prefers eating these bars.

Peanut butter is cholesterol-free and very high in vitamin B6, which helps in maintaining blood sugar. You don't need a better excuse other than the nutrition in peanut butter, to bake more peanut butter dessert recipes. It's a great way of packing in all that peanut butter goodness into your family's well being. Anytime you buy peanut butter, always make sure to find the brand that has no extra additives like corn syrup, salt, canola or palm oil.

Alternately, if you have the time, you can make peanut butter in your kitchen by blending roasted peanuts until the natural oil oozes and turns it into a smooth paste. You can store this peanut butter in your fridge and use it for a week. You can make this recipe tad bit healthier if you add dark chocolate with at least 70 percent or more cacao instead of the regular chocolate. Using dark chocolate ensures less sugar and processing and yields maximum health benefits as well. Dark chocolate is a potent source of antioxidants and improves cardiovascular health. It also contains a good amount of fiber and iron as well. When you break the dark chocolate, it has to make a 'snap' sound which ensures that the chocolate is still fresh.

Thank you to Dan at the Cake's Cottage recipe blog for sharing this Perfect No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Dessert recipe with us. Do check out Dan’s blog for more peanut butter dessert recipes and other fun desserts that are easy and delicious to make any time of the year. These no bake chocolate bars are one-of-a-kind treats you can indulge when you're craving a little something chocolate and peanut butter together. Make some and enjoy with friends and family!

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