Perfect Pineapple Fudge

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Are you looking for a little something different than a regular chocolate fudge? This recipe for fudge candy is a fruity one that includes pineapple in it for a colourful and refreshing change. Usually, when you think of pineapple desserts, you don't typically think of fudge. What usually comes to mind when you think of pineapple desserts you might think of pineapple upsidedown cake or a pina colada drink or smoothie. There's also ambrosia salad which usually has pineapple in it as well. This pineapple dessert uses fudge ingredients like chocolate, but in this case, the chocolate used in this recipe for fudge candy is white chocolate. You will also use marshmallow fluff in this recipe as well which always goes well with pineapple. While you can easily find marshmallow fluff at the grocery store, you can also attempt to make some from scratch too if you like. Most homemade marshmallow fluff recipes include granulated sugar, light corn syrup, eggs, cream of tartar, salt and vanilla extract. You can even attempt to make your own marshmallows at home if you're feeling really creative and ambitious. This requires a bit more patience and practice, but it's actually pretty simple to make once you know how.

For the pineapples in this pineapple dessert, you could use fresh pineapple, canned pineapple or frozen pineapple. Many pineapple desserts use canned pineapples because they are already prepared the way they are needed in the recipe. If you use a fresh pineapple, you'll have to peel and cut up your own pineapple first before you use it in your recipe. The best way to peel and cut a pineapple is to first begin by cutting of the very top of the pineapple and then cut off all of the skin. Then, you'll cut the pineapple in half and then cut out the core with your knife by cutting into the core on an angle. Then, you can cut up the pineapple fruit in any way you like. For this recipe, the pineapple needs to be crushed so you could pulse the fresh pineapple in your blender a couple of times to get it to crush up a bit. If you have frozen pineapple, you can allow it to defrost and then pulse it a bit to crush it up before you use it in this recipe. Many people prefer using fresh or frozen pineapple because it won't have the preservatives that are in canned products to keep them fresh for longer.

This recipe also calls for cream in it as well as some butter. Whenever you're baking with dairy products always try and get organic products to use in your recipes. Not only do they taste better, but they are also healthier for you too. The animals are treated better than at factory farms, and they aren't given a ton of antibiotics or hormones to keep them producing milk. If you would like to try making a vegan version of this recipe you could try making this with some full-fat coconut milk and some coconut butter or vegan butter instead of the dairy butter and cream. The recipe may not turn out the same though, so it might just be something fun to experiment with first. In the end, you'll have a delicious fruity fudge recipe that will taste like a pineapple sherbert as Trish from Mom On Time Out says. She has a ton of other great dessert recipe on her website too if you like this one and want to try some more out. She also has some great meal ideas and snack ideas as well.***

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