Perfect Potato Broccoli Casserole

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Are you looking for the perfect potato broccoli casserole recipe to serve up to your family? Well, what about making this super casserole for you and your family tonight? It is a great meal accompaniment, loaded with lots of good nutrition for every one in the family, and with plenty of other dishes that could go with it. So this perfect potato broccoli casserole recipe not only offers great food value for you, it is also a dish that you could serve with just about any kind of meat, chicken or even fish that you might also be thinking about cooking up for dinner today.

Potatoes and broccoli are two great vegetable choices for a perfect casserole, and for plenty of great reasons. Both of them are usually accepted and eaten by kids, who can get pretty squeamish about what they willing to eat at different times in their lives (like from ages one to 25!). But potatoes and broccoli are two of the veggies that kids seem to be okay about eating, even happy to eat them, especially when they are both smothered in cheese, as they are in this recipe. And, although we often want to avoid cheese as we get older, and tend to turn to lower fat varieties or even eliminate cheese almost altogether from our eating, for kids, who need plenty of good fats and other nutritious things to keep them growing and going, cheese is a great choice. And potatoes and broccoli are two terrific flavors that are great together, as well, and they are particularly well paired in this potato broccoli casserole. Potatoes are a rather simple flavor, which is why they probably can take on so many varied seasonings, other veggies, meats, chicken and so on, and always still taste fabulous. They are also really low in calories, and average only about 110 calories (or so) in a single medium sized potato. They have no sodium and no fat (unless you add it in). So they are a great veggie choice.

Broccoli is another terrific food choice, and we know that kids seem to love this bright green veggie. Try not to cook broccoli too much as it loses nutrients when it is overcooked. As a member of the cruciferous vegetable family, broccoli offers great body purifying and detoxing properties, not to mention a whole load of vitamins and minerals. But you do not have to tell the kids that! They just need to love to eat them. Smothered in cheese, which also loads the kids with protein, calcium and magnesium. Give this potato broccoli casserole recipe a try soon. It is so tasty it will be gobbled up by all. So make plenty, and leave it out for a snack after dinner, too.

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