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The Durango small log home is a tiny cabin you will love. This small log home of 232 square feet has one bedroom, and a full bath that has just the right amount of space to stay comfortably. The price of this small log home is the best part starting at $18,900 the cozy cabin has a living area and covered porch where you can enjoy views of the outdoors. The Durango includes the separate three piece bathroom and all the bed frames and mattresses with all other accessories being optional. This small log home plan is a tough, and sturdy cabin that is built to last. The cabin is no frills cabin that covers the basic needs of a hunting cabin. If you’re looking for a place where you and your friends can have a place to sleep after a day in the woods, the Durango is a good place to start. The cabin has space for two beds and a small table. The beds and mattresses for the log home kit are included in the Durango kit. And the good sized six foot covered front porch extends the inside outdoors to enjoy some fresh air on your trip. The three piece bathroom offers privacy with all the conveniences of home. This simple small log home kit is easy to maintain and a great one room log cabin to use for years to come.

This small log home kit is customizable to suit your needs, so if you'd rather have an outhouse and more room inside the tiny cabin you can do away with the bathroom, and try the Shenandoah small log home kit instead. If you would like a little more space inside with room for a kitchenette, you might consider looking at the Outdoorsman or Boulder Lodge small log home kits which also include private bedrooms. Before you choose your small log home, think about what it is that you need and want in a small log home plan and go from there.

Conestoga Log Cabin and Homes have been in business for more than 30 years, so they know what they are doing. The following are just some of the top reasons you will want to choose a log home kit from this reputable log home company. For starters, their log home kits are easy to put together. All of the building materials whether it be for a small log home or a larger sized log home are pre-wrapped, so none of the logs will get damaged during storage, shipment or when building. The logs used for these log home kits are the driest, strongest and most stable logs you will find. The kiln dried logs are at 15 percent or below for the most reliable log cabin and log home kits that you will find on the market.

The Durango small log home is just one of the small log home kits you will find on the Conestoga Log Cabin & Homes site. You will find small log homes and large log homes and everything in between when you look at this log home site. **

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