Pesto Chicken Pillows

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Pesto Chicken Pillows have a pretty name, a pretty appearance and a scrumptious taste. Every one will enjoy this dish, especially the kids. That is because the stuffing is just plain fun to dig in to. When you cut through the dough, the pesto chicken filling gets exposed and explodes out with cream cheese and other delicious ingredients. This dish gets plenty of help, too, and that makes it easy to prepare.

The dish starts with ready made crescent dough to form the outside crust of the pillows. That means an easy start to this dinner plan. And an affordable one. You do have to shape the crescents to form the pillows, and this will take a bit of time, but it is worth it, for the unique presentation and the great taste that results. The filling also includes chicken, but if you buy the chicken ready cooked (or may be you keep some already in the freezer) that also helps this dish come together easily and quickly. And the basil pesto, bought ready made, is often almost as good as any thing you can make at home, so that can also be a help in making this dish. The basil pesto blends Parmesan, olive oil, basil (of course) and sometimes garlic, along with various spicing (according to the individual recipe). That means it is a nutritious dish and a small amount of it goes a long way.

Pesto Chicken Pillows are a good meal idea and a great snack, too. You could make them easily in the evening when you plan to watch tv for the night. They could also be served with rice or potatoes and some sort of veggies as a more complete meal. Made with chicken and basil pesto, these pillows pack a good nutritional punch of protein and plenty of vitamins and minerals. There are good fats in the mix, as well. So you can feel pretty good about serving this dish to the family, and you can get it to the table in record time.

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