Pesto Parmesan Rolls

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Here is blogger and recipe creator, Natalie, hard at work again, creating these fun and fabulous Pesto Parmesan Rolls. This recipe is a smart idea that lets you create a great snack or dinner accompaniment with little effort. Just what we all need sometimes! This is literally a recipe that takes minutes once you have all the ingredients together, and there are only three of them! This recipe might also be a good one for new cooks, challenging them to think about foods in new and creative ways. So let them have at it, if they are in the mood to bake.

Pesto is an easy and rich dish to make that has an entire range of applications. The basic recipe blends pine nuts, basil, and Parmesan cheese with olive oil to create a fabulously rich and savory sauce. This sauce can then be blended with any number of meals to add depth, color and flavor. It is really a fantastic dish. And, it is loaded with nutrients. Pine nuts are loaded with magnesium and anti-oxidants. They have been eaten for thousands of years, even by early Roman soldiers. Pine nuts are thought to reduce heart disease, suppress your appetite and give you lots of energy. Basil is another fabulous herb that puts unbelievable flavor in to this dish. It is related to peppermint and if you pay attention, you can taste the sweetness and slightly pepperiness of peppermint in basil. So using pesto on a roll is a great start to dinner.

This is an easy peasy little dish to make whenever you feel like it. Make it at lunch and serve it with soup, or if the weather is warm, serve a terrific side salad with it. Make it at night when you are sitting in front of the television as a family and everyone wants a snack. Or make it when you want something—just for yourself.

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