Philly Cheesesteak Cups

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Try this Philly Cheesesteak Cups recipe, and enjoy your favorite sandwich in a cup instead of in your hand! The hardest part of this Philly cheesesteak recipe, the crust, is a prepackaged puff pastry. You can buy puff pastry at your local grocery store right from the freezer section. It is always better to make your own pastry, but puff pastry is extremely difficult to make, and so for little dishes such as this cheesesteak cups recipe, it is probably easier to simply buy something that is commercial. It will save you plenty of time and energy, and no one will likely notice the difference in the flavor.

This recipe is just like a Philly cheesesteak except that you make it in individual serving cups using puff pastry rather than a sandwich loaf. These little cups could be filling enough to serve for dinner if you put something else with them. You could make any of noodles, rice or even potatoes to go with this Philly cheesesteak cups recipe, as well as some fresh steamed greens or whatever other veggies you and your family prefer. So enjoy this dish as a dinner, or make it as an appetizer for when friends and family come over.

You can serve these cups while they are still warm, but not hot. They do not have to be super hot to still be enjoyed. The combination of ingredients is really delicious, and although some small snacks such as this one really need to be quite hot to be any good, this dish is great whether served fresh from the oven, or after sitting for a little bit. So you can be happy to make these a little bit ahead of time, and know that they will still taste great.

This is not the quickest or simplest recipe to make, and it might be beyond the capability of your youngest cook, but older cooks might still be able to give you a hand to make this Philly cheesesteak cups recipe. If you prepare the filling, which has to be put together before you assemble the cups, then, because the puff pastry is commercial, your helping hand can likely assemble the puff pastry in to the individual muffin tins that you use to cook this snack in. This task is pretty simple and straightforward so a new and learning cook can likely undertake this job with success. It can be difficult to find things for up and coming cooks to do that is both safe and a learning experience for them, so when you find some simple task such as this one, it is great to be able to trust them with carrying it out. Enjoy!

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