Philly Cheesesteak Stew

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On the hunt for an easy steak soup recipe? Thank you to Ingrid Beer of the 'Cozy Apron' for this Philly Cheesesteak Stew recipe. When you hear steak, you might think of porterhouse, strip loin or filet mignon. Take a second to sit down and don’t fall off the edge of your chair. This Philly Cheesesteak Stew recipe is not your typical steak soup recipe. When you hear Philly cheesesteak, your mind wanders to the heart of Philadelphia where this wonderful offering first made its rounds. Philadelphia, the home of the Liberty Bell and sports franchises the Eagles, Phillies, and 76ers, is not only a hub of sports, but it was also a home to many Italians when they first arrived from the old country.

Steak recipes can vary, and you will find many ideas on barbecue steak recipes and steak broiler recipes. Flank steak is great for a stew and minute steak makes a great sandwich recipe. Two brothers that ran a hot dog stand in the 1930’s in Philadelphia are the first ones credited with coming up with the steak sandwich recipe which combined frizzled beef with onions and cheese on a small bun. Many other places have their take on the sandwich. It has a home in New York, Chicago and New Jersey. Every place has their own way of making the sandwich but the steak, onions and cheese are still the base ingredients. Their idea took off and was the inspiration for the many different varieties of Philly cheesesteak recipes we have seen over the years.

Ingrid takes this classic sandwich recipe and puts her own spin on the brother’s claim to fame and brings us Philly Cheesesteak Stew. The Philly cheesesteak recipe is most often cooked on a flat top or you can get a frying pan and cook the beef along with the onions and then add the cheese at the last minute to a toasted bun and the three ingredients meld into a gooey mess of goodness. This steak soup recipe is simple to make and hopefully will wow your diners, even the finicky ones. Beef sirloin or rib eye is the main ingredient with the classic onions in the mix along with some sliced mushrooms. Provolone cheese will marry the ingredients to each other and a sour dough bread bowl will house the stew when done. Ingrid allows for you to add green peppers to the mix, which is something many of the newer Philly cheesesteak recipes add as well. If you are trying to cut kitchen time down and have other things to do you can always cook the steak, onions and peppers in the oven in a covered pan. It makes clean up easier and allows you to get your bread bowls and drinks ready while the aroma from the oven will call the diners to the table. The simplicity and the short amount of time make this Philly cheesecake stew recipe a great idea for the busy family. Those two brothers from Philly are still inspiring people like Ingrid to make recipes like this Philly steak soup recipe, and no doubt will inspire many more generations to make their slant on this excellent cheesesteak sandwich.*

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